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Home OEM/ODM Network switch(100G) Production Inspection Dedicated PCI-E 3.0 Extender

Network switch(100G) Production Inspection Dedicated PCI-E 3.0 Extender

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Price NT$ 9000


Network switch(100G) Production Inspection Dedicated PCI-E 3.0 ExtenderData Center Switch / Spine Data Center Switch

This is a custom production samples require 2 to 3 weeks

Both ends are the Fingerboard PCI-E x8 Extender
Each proofing 2 pieces = $ 300
More than 2 pieces per 1PCE + $ 30

Technical specifications

Although pci-sig did not propose any connection scheme (such as USB data line detection standards)

But PCIe pin matching, routing rulesrated powerand communication regulations in the shielding requirements, can still be used as a review of the standard,

So after years of search and comparison, we were able to confirm that the global PCI-E Extender, only our products are qualified,

The most special is that our technology has the following three advantages of the invention, Other technology simply can not do,

So for the production of Network switch inspection, both ends of the special finger is a special order, our supply has been more than 3 years,

The most complete EMI shielding

Welding and all the wires are EMI shielding material coated up,

Will not interfere with the system testing and operation,

Highest rated power

12V = 2.8A (30AWG * 14 lines), 3.3V = 1.4A +0.4 A; 12V will be able to carry 35W of electricity,

The best flexibility

1.8mm cable thickness, and the world's smallest cable only 36.5mm wide



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