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Using the cheapest IDC cableyou can make high-speed differential signal lines and power supply wires side by side together

This is the person in charge of LI-HEAT Industrial Co., Ltd. An unexpected discoveries and inventions in the process of looking for opportunities in the company's transformation

So the use of this new technology produced by the PCIe extension adapter, naturally have GEN3 performanceand complete interface specifications

(Chinese Patent Search: I599125/CN 103579857 B / English Patent Search: US 9,215,834 B2)


So PCIe GEN3 to extend the adapter card OEM / ODMis the vertical thermal LI-HEAT industry Co., Ltd.'s main business

Of coursewe are also looking forward toOEM / ODM outside the licensing programso whether it is to cooperate with us or become a sales partner

Or the manufacturer of the connectoror to provide production and testing equipmentPCB boardtroughwire and other companies, please contact us


No matter what industryin order to solve the problem and innovationin order to optimize and strive for excellencethis is the nature of craftsmen

So we are very confident that our products will have the best performance, and supply prices will be reduced to the lowest in the world

Services: OEM PCIE riser cable,ODM PCIE riser cable

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express, Deliver to CVS
Service Zone:Nationwide

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