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Key reports:

In factPCIe extended adapter card of this productin addition to performancethere are electrical safety capacity and high-frequency communications equipmentthe legal requirements must be observed

And PCIe interface componentswhich also contains three voltage sourcesand SMBusJTAGTRST # ... and so on the control loop

  (Verification: Please search wikiPCIe design guideand AWG safe ammeterand high-speed cable EMI shielding type can refer to USB)

So PCIe extension adapteror PCIe Extender this product, must be two overlapping and shielded flat cable structure

And PCIe x1 = 36pinwhich is absolutely not cut

Because only a flat cable productsthere must be no enough wiring, and violated the electrical safety capacity of the legal requirements!

If even the interface control loop to be deleted, but also denied the existence of PCIe interface specification, then this product is 100% of the fake!


Fortunately, our productsthat is two over lapping and shielded flat cable structureso we can configure enough interface pin

For example: the current x1 part there are UL2678-30AWG 52 wires, of which 12 for 12V = 2.4A electrical capacity

And our technical meansbut also must all the lines and PCB of the weldingall with EMI shielding material covered up,

Seefor exampleChinese Patent Search: I599125 / CN 103579857 Bor English Patent Search: US 9,215,834 B2,

So whether it is GEN3 performanceor interface specificationsor safe electrical capacity and high-frequency communications equipmentthe legal requirementswe all meet

If PCIe extends the riser card and wants to set up a dedicated review benchmark, then our technical specifications are standard





X16 GEN3 system 1M long serial test:


X4 GEN3 system 1M long, no loss of the series test:


Support for Intel and AMD New published video:

Technical advantages:

Even compared to GEN4 gradesour technology has several advantages:

1. Our supply price will be the lowest in the world

Because in addition to using the cheapest IDC cableunder the protection of the patent, we can get a larger order

2. Our technical productstheir flexibility and applicabilityare definitely the first in the world

Because of the PCIe Extender we produceits cable structure is a wholeso the bends do not bifurcateand its width is only 70% of the PCIe interface size (x16 = 57mm)

3. So our technology can also support the smaller size PCIEx4used to replace M.2 or sff-8639 and other secondary interface


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