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PCI-E flexible riser cable Customized

PCI-e flexible riser technical specifications 1 meter cable test

The PCIe flexible riser card has standard features

x16 specification: x16D -300











X16 GEN3 system 1M long serial test: 

X4 GEN3 system 1M long, no loss of the series test:

 Support for Intel and AMD New published video:

Technical Reports:

In fact, PCIe Extender constitute the conditionsin addition to the interface function required PCIe pin matching, rated power, and circuit board design guidelines

There are more important product responsibilities, such as line current must be safe electrical regulations, communication regulations for high-frequency parts of the EMI shielding requirements,

The above information, please search: wiki, intel, AWG safe ammeter; countries on the high-frequency equipment EMI control (against the USB data cable),\

So the welding position is only one side of the PCB, and even remove the interface control of the line, this PCIe Extender fake,
Or the welding position and part of the cable does not shield their EMI, and the electrical capacity is too low, the safety regulations have violated the solution,
All in all, even PCIe's minimum rated power will overload these PCIe Extender and never use them!
Otherwise, from the transmission defects of the specifications defects, or counterfeit compensation disputes, will become a server, brand PC, and chassis manufacturers nightmare!

Fortunately, according to the possible review of the benchmarkour PCIe Extender it is the only qualified case in the world, and the cost is relatively low,
Also, its cable bend will not bifurcate, and x16 interface is only 57mm wide, so it has a flexible applicability, but also the world's first,
Because it has enough wiring to ensure the integrity of the signal and carry 12V * 2.4A (WAG # 30 * 12PIN) above the power,And its welding, and two overlapping IDC flat cable, are wrapped in the EMI shielding layer inside, it will not leak the radio waves,Of course, its PCB will be in accordance with the circuit board design guidelines to produce,

As for its reliability, we can put two x4 samples, string connected to the length of 1M, for x16 graphics card support test,
The results of their GEN3 system in the test platform to get the performance score, almost equal to not use PCIe Extender test cases,
In addition, we can also be approved by customers for more than 3 consecutive years of orders,
And more significant is used to test 100G Network switch, both ends are x8 gold fingerboard special order,

According to the Chinese news http://tw.weibo.com/nike/4086235817525364: just with the wrong soles of the material marked, you have to pay 3 times the compensation!
So x16 products, if they even 25 ~ 75w (12V * 5.5A) the minimum power will be overloaded, but also violates the electrical safety regulations!
Especially PCIe extension card, x1 the number of wiring less than 36pin, is the "Fake", then their
compensation should be more than 3 times!

Network switch production test dedicated PCI-E 3.0 Extender

Server 1U 2U mini chassis assembly demonstration

The power cord is also inside the PCI-E GEN3.0 cable riser card in the EMI guard structure





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