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SFX All-By-one computer case supporting AIO water cooling and VESA screen installation comes4
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SFX All-By-one computer case supporting AIO water cooling and VESA screen installation comes

In order to pursue more efficient performance volume and heat dissipation
We included the computer screen (supporting VESA installation) as one of the items for assembling PC
Increase the fun of PC assembly
Combination of screen and computer case
Significantly reduce the occupied space
And has a good heat dissipation channel
Solved the heat dissipation problem of AIO PC
And have independent hardware selection and combination
So this product is named All-By-one

This prototype is still being designed
We are collecting more opinions to make All-By-one better
If you have any suggestions
Please leave a message to discuss with us

The All-By-one SFX computer case we published here,
We will try to produce it and sell it in wholesale and retail
It includes PCIe GEN3.1 riser cable that may support GEN4 and the hole position will be the same as 3M's products
This is a brand new product, many designs need to be corrected,
If you have different ideas about this product, or something you want to know, please let us know by leaving a message,

The idea of All-By-one has filed patent applications in many countries




Feature of product
1.Combined with the computer screen, this is the best solution for computer miniaturization
2.The power supply is not in the computer case, this is the best solution to the heat dissipation problem
3.The I/O port of the motherboard faces the user,
Solve the problem of having to pay an expensive fee to solve the extended transfer problem of high-speed interfaces (such as Thunderbolt)

MINI-ITX motherboard and SFX power supply dedicated

Exclusive accessories:

PCIe GEN3.1 riser cable that GEN4 may support
(When the motherboard does not use the PCIe slot of SMT, there is no Retimers and the high frequency PCB is not used)

Note: Its fixing holes will be the same as 3M products.

CPU cooler specifications:
The total height including the down-blowing fan should be less than 45mm
The height of AIO Pump Unit Dimensions is preferably less than 49mm, and the total width is less than 70 mm

GPU specification limit: the length must be less than 27cm,
Such as: GeForce RTX™ 3090 TURBO 24G

If you use AORUS's cooling architecture (a super-saturated cooling architecture with one fan blowing downwards and the other fan blowing upwards)
Its heat dissipation effect should be better

Or such as: integrated water-cooled GPU

Other extensions
Patent Application tray has been sent, two 2.5 inch SSD support

Update 1
About All-By-one computer case patent authorization
If you can make a better product design and want to obtain this patent authorization and manufacture and sell All-By-one computer cases
The simplest solution is to customize the PCIe GEN3.1 PCIE riser cable we produce

Update 2
This is the size of our computer case
We are preparing the screen stand kit


Update 3
All-By-one computer screen that supports VESA keyhole
One of the fun of All-By-one is that you can freely change the screen
The screen has also become one of the assembly options


Update 4
Supplementary notes about GPU:
Limited length design of GPU
The reason is that we believe that high-frequency and expensive PCB will make the length of the GPU generally less than 27cm


Update 5
This design has two GPU installation methods



Update 6
Chassis exploded view

Update 7

Update 8
We place the power supply outside the case
Connect the cable directly to other parts
Let the case get better heat dissipation and more space


Update 9
All-By-one SFF CASE parts drawing


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