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PCIE x16 cable Comparison of electrical specifications for various technologies4
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Chinese Patent Search: I599125/CN 103579857 B / English Patent Search: US 9,215,834 B2

You buy PCI-E extension cable,
Does its electrical capacity meet the legal requirements?

If you have used a PCI-E extension cable,
its electrical safety capacity is insufficient.

In addition to the danger of overloading the power,
it may also cause performance impairment.

Even random circuit and performance faults

Long-term use may cause damage to other hardware

In order to use the PCI-E extension cable safely in the chassis

We are based on safe AWG wire diameter ammeters and

PCIE power specification PCIEx16 minimum 25W

Our 12V wiring has 12 lines, 12 lines (30AWG)*0.2A=2.4A

The wiring of 12V is already greater than the minimum of 25W of x16.

Guaranteed to comply with electrical safety regulations, allowing users to purchase and use with confidence

LI-HEAT wire number map for minimum electrical requirements for PCI-E x16 minimum 25W




                      Various types of technology comparison chart

Among the six technical products, only two are in compliance with regulations and regulations.

Among these two technologies, LI-HEAT has the highest power carrying capacity and the largest number of connections.

If you are looking for a PCI-E extension cord that is available and meets electrical safety regulations and specifications

LI-HEAT's patented technology products will be the best choice

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