Coming soon with PCe flexible riser technical specifications 1 meter cable test

[Test System]


Test environment ∶ PCIE 3.0 environment (DirectX 12 support)。


Cable length∶PCI Express Gen 3.0 X16 to X16  400mm+300mm+300mm= 1 meter 。

System∶W10(DirectX 12 support)

CPU∶I5-3470 。




GPU∶ MSI RX-470X (DirectX 12 support)。


SSD∶DATA SP900 128G。  


D-RAM∶Team 4G X2 。


Case∶Li Heat Industries Limited. ITX 12 cubic liters 。


Power∶In Win-750W。

 Test with PCI Express 300mm+300mm+400mm=1 meter 

GPU-Z PCI Express Gen 3.0 X16 to X16

Test without PCIe riser cable card gne3.0。

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